2-Year Warranty

Star Motion LLC offers a 2 year limited warranty for Alien Motion™ starter batteries for defects in material and/or workmanship. All Alien Motion™ starter batteries are tested, balanced, and charged prior to shipping to assure maximum reliability. Warranty pertains only to products sold and shipped in the USA and are non-transferrable.

Schedule below reflects percentage of current retail price covered by Alien Motion™ with the remaining percentage (if any) to be paid by the customer:

Percentage Covered

Purchase - 6 Months 100%
(0% paid by customer)
6 - 12 Months 75% of current listed MSRP
(25% paid by customer)
12 - 24 Months 50% of current listed MSRP
(50% paid by customer)

For warranty issues, please contact tech support at tech@alienmotion.com to diagnose the problem. If the product needs to be returned, you will be assigned an RMA number from tech support. Customer shall be responsible for all shipping cost.

Returns must be accompanied with the assigned RMA and proof of purchase.

Star Motion LLC shall not be held liable for any damage to person, or personal property resulting from the use of these products.

Conditions not covered under warranty

  • Physical Damage – We cannot warranty batteries that have been crashed, submerged in liquid, opened, tampered with, over torque, or damaged due to improper restraining of battery
  • Over discharge of battery – (Allowing the disconnected battery to fall below 10V)
  • Over voltage/current charging – by charger, faulty charger, or regulator/alternator
  • Overloading from excessive amperage draw
  • Short circuit of battery terminals
  • Star reserves the right to deny any and all claims if conditions and terms are not met

Send Returns To

Attn: Warranty Claims
Star Motion LLC
805 MLK Jr. Blvd. SW
Gainesville, GA 30501