AME4 3A Balancing Charger

  • Charge Times: AM4 - 75 Min / AM8 - 3.5 hours / AM12 - 4-5 hours
  • Dimensions: 69.4mm - 2.73"in W x 110.7mm - 4.35"in L x 40.5mm - 1.59in H
  • Weight: 176g - 10oz
  • Amperage Output: 14.4V DC @ 3 Amps
Feature image

We feel that a charger should be simple to use, quick to charge, and reasonably priced. With this in mind, we offer the AME4. This is a 3 amp LiFePO4 balancing charger ideally suited for Alien Motion batteries. Periodic balancing ensures battery health and full capacity. It is designed to ensure the health and full state of charge of your battery.

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