AM22-01 - Heavy Duty 22 Cell LiFePO4



Length 85mm - 3.35in
Width 160mm - 6.3in
Height 120mm - 4.73in
Weight 1518g - 3Lbs 5oz
Capacity 12.0 Amp Hours
Amperage Output <3 Sec Pulse - 600+ Amps
Charge Time 75 Minutes @ 14.4V & 10 Amps
Max Charge Voltage & Current 14.4V / 30 Amp Hours
Connection Heavy Duty Brass Terminals with 6mm x 10mm Threaded
Enclosure Impact Resistant ABS Plastic Case
Polarity Positive Left or Right

Product Details

The Alien Motion Heavy Duty AM22-01 is is our largest battery in terms of cranking capacity but actually weighs less than our AM16-01. We utilize prismatic construction cells for lighter weight and greater power than our cylindrical cells. At under 4 Lbs, the AM22-01 will start the largest V-Twins up to 2500cc as well as many small engine cars with ease. This is a serious workhorse in a tiny package. Guaranteed to provide better performance and provide several times the lifetime of the original battery with proper use and maintenance.

  • Ultra-Lightweight Heavy Duty High Power Lithium Motorsport Battery
  • Holds a charge with minimal drain for years when there is no draw on power
  • 2-Year Warranty and Out of This World Support
  • Great for everyday use for bikes and powersports applications up to 2500cc
  • Works with the original charging system
  • Great for racing applications & big V-Twins
  • Significant cost savings and longevity compared to lead acid